• ritadunaway

Truth: An Indispensable Pillar of Education

A lot of time has passed since it was determined that public schools must be “neutral” on matters of religion. Many of us continue to bemoan the removal of one of the great pillars of civilization from the formal education of young citizens. But, we reason, there are at least some good pillars remaining.

The nation’s public schools may not be giving our kids much instruction in religion, morality, or philosophy, but we should be covering those topics at home anyway. At least we can rely on the schools to give our kids some history, math, and science. The “softer” subjects may be fraught with controversy, but facts will always be facts. Right?

Lying to Avoid the Facts?

Last week French teacher Peter Vlaming lost his job at Virginia’s West Point High School because he refused to comply with an order to refer to a female student as a male. According to witnesses, the firing was prompted by a “slip-up” when the transgender student was about to run into a wall, and Vlaming reacted by telling others, “Stop her!”

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