• ritadunaway

This Weekend's Crossroads Program

This week we recorded Part 2 of our "Parenting at the Crossroads" series. Pastor Bill Leach, from Christ Presbyterian Church, was our special guest as we continued our discussion of how to be faithful parents in the midst of a culture that is often hostile to our worldview.

I have known Bill for many years now--he is also a Founding Board member of Redeemer Classical School. And I have always been impressed by his thoughtfulness in a variety of contexts. This was no different.

When I asked him to describe some of the ways he sees our culture as being in conflict with the worldview we want to impart to our kids, he spoke of the importance of training our children to use reason to evaluate the messages that swirl around them.

I hope you enjoy this weekend's program. You can listen by clicking on the "Crossroads" tab above.