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This week's Crossroads radio program: The Election Is Over. Now What?

Dean Welty and I had the privilege of being joined in the studio again by the Lead Pastor of my church, Todd Pruitt, who has become somewhat of a regular contributor to the program.

So my first thought on this week's program is: I just love my pastor. I love his boldness in proclaiming Truth. I love that He does it graciously and humbly--always quick to admit that He is not some super-Christian who has arrived, but a sinner saved by grace just like the rest of us. And one of the things I love the most about Todd is that he sees what is happening in our culture and engages with it.

I knew that Todd was struggling this election season as much as or maybe even more than I was. So I wasn't sure what kind of state he would be in when he joined us yesterday morning to record the program. I found him to be in pretty much the same state Dean and I were in--sleep-deprived! And cautious, but hopeful.

Here's the big takeaway from this week's program for me: whatever our feelings about Donald Trump, it's time for conservatives to be vigilant and active in urging him to be what he told us he would be. We don't know what his innermost feelings are about the issues of life or marriage, or even religious freedom. We don't know if he will tend to expand federal power or contract it, to enlarge our outrageous national debt or to shrink it. It falls to us to urge him in the right direction--toward what is Good. Toward the vision of individual liberty and limited government that set America apart from all other nations.

And what we must never, ever do, under any circumstances, is to give President Trump a "pass" on the type of behaviors or policies that we have decried in presidents or candidates of a different political stripe.

I don't know how things are going to go in this new era. But, as I said on Election Day, I have hope in the One who does.

To listen to this week's program, just click on the "Crossroads" tab at the top and choose it from the menu of episodes.


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