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Thoughts on Today's Crossroads Recording

This week's program is the final installment of the pre-election series we've been doing. This week it's "Decision America: Your Vote." We don't endorse a party or a candidate; what we do is explore the party platforms and presidential candidates' positions on a handful of the issues we frequently discuss on the program--life, marriage, religious freedom, education, and the role of government.

Our special guest, Bishop E.W. Jackson, was with us again today, and his job was to remind us what God's Word has to say on each of those issues. (Did I mention that he is a pastor in addition to being a Marine Corps veteran and Harvard law graduate?)

Here are a couple of thoughts on this week's program:

1. Jackson made a great point toward the beginning of the program. He said, essentially, that while we naturally want to elect leaders who are virtuous people of faith, we should also pay attention to how a prospective leader will impact our own ability to practice our faith. That is an incredibly serious concern in light of increasingly frequent instances of oppression of Christians who live according to their convictions.

2. I know that many of you are vexed about your options for Election Day. I know that I am. I encourage you to pray about it, and I urge you to refuse to give into the temptation of "sitting this one out." Remember that your liberty, your right of self-governance, is a gift, and it is one that you are called to steward wisely.

I hope you enjoy this week's program. (You can listen to it on the "Crossroads" tab.)

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