• ritadunaway

Why the new website? It's all about the hats.

I wear many hats. Most of us do. But it occurred to me recently that some friends and colleagues who are accustomed to seeing

me in my everyday pillbox may not even realize that I own a fun, relaxed cloche. O.k. Maybe I've taken this metaphor too far.

But seriously, I'm starting the website so that those of you who are interested can get a peak into the parts of my professional work, volunteer work--and, yes, even my crazy, everyday life--that you may or may not have been missing.

It's also a convenient way for me to compile links to the articles I write for TheBlaze.com and for the Convention of States Project, to point you toward compelling articles I run across, to summarize new episodes of the weekly radio program I co-host, and to share with you the little pearls of wisdom God imparts to me as I struggle and thrive with my family, friends, and work.

So off we go! Grab your best Stetson--or maybe even a Pith Helmet--because it's bound to be an adventure!


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