I'm a mom. I'm a writer. I'm a constitutional lawyer and a conservative activist--but only in the truest sense of the concept of "conservatism." I am a follower of Christ, saved by His grace and forever in awe of His character, His creation, and His unchanging Truth.

I love to read all sorts of books, enjoy rummaging through antique stores with my daughter, and am rumored to border on insanity in my devotion to my dog. I couldn't care less about any sports team on Earth--unless it's my son's soccer team, in which case I will drive hundreds of miles to watch a single game. I am married to the most amazing dentist on the face of the planet.

One of my passions is for encouraging conservatives to become both more actively engaged in public policy and more adept in advocating the conservative position persuasively. 

Right now I invest most of my professional skills into the Convention of States Project as its National Legislative Strategist. We aim to offer conservatives and liberals alike a way to restore the Founders' vision of liberty self-governance to our nation through constitutional amendments that will restrain federal power and shift power back to the state and local levels.


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